Meet Our Growers
  • Eldon Tall Eldon Tall

    "My son John farms with me and our families are involved. The grandkids even work where they can. It's a lot of work, but it's fun."

  • Groff Family The Groff Family

    "We're growing something that's good for our children and for the general population. It's a feel-good career!"

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Pear Varieties
  • Green Anjou Green Anjou

    In Season: September - July

    Flavor Profile: refreshing, sweet, juicy, with a hint of citrus

    The Anjou is an all-purpose pear whose dense flesh makes it excellent for snacking, cooking, and slicing fresh into salads or over a bowl of oatmeal. Its skin color remains green as it ripens, so Check the Neck for Ripeness!

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